Small Businesses to Harrisburg on New Energy Tax: “Don’t Do It!”

According to a new poll, when Pennsylvania voters are given a choice between a new energy tax and jobs, they choose jobs.

Thanks to shale development – and the tens of thousands of good-paying, local jobs that this growing industry supports, especially for small businesses and labor organizations – Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is well below the national average, the lowest it’s been since the recession began in 2008. This progress has occurred despite Pennsylvania being ranked 44th by CNBC among “America’s Top States For Business”.

So why are some in Harrisburg pushing for new energy taxes that will make Pennsylvania even less competitive, risk jobs and lead to higher energy costs for consumers, families and manufacturers?

New energy taxes would hit small businesses especially hard. Two of these small business owners shared their personal stories and views on a new energy tax in new web videos.

“If I could say one thing to the politicians in Harrisburg about the gas tax: ‘Don’t do it’”
Jim Greenley, Greenley’s Bar BBQ
Tunkhannock, Pa.

“Any new proposed tax would have a very negative effect on not only our business,
but also my family and all the people in this local area.”

Bill Hampton, Sugar Hollow Water Services
Tunkhannock, Pa.

Tell Harrisburg that Pennsylvania needs more jobs — not new energy taxes. Take action today: Let’s avoid a race to the bottom.