How will PA be affected after the drilling is complete?

One of the natural gas industries main objectives is to minimize our geological footprint and bring properties back to pre-drilling conditions once active operations are complete. In order to reduce our impact we rely on a restoration process that involves landscaping and contouring to previous specifications. Here is some information directly from our website:

Why Site Development and Restoration Recommended Practices are Important:

In order to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale and deliver it to end-users, surface facilities and disturbances are necessary, including disturbances for the construction of well pads, access roads, water and gas pipelines, gas compression and processing facilities, and gas transmission lines. This infrastructure is vital to obtain the economic and energy security benefits from this abundant natural resource. However it is also desirable to producers and the public at large to minimize impacts from these activities; therefore, our members have committed to apply recommended practices in site development and restoration, all of which are intended to mimic pre-disturbance conditions or, in some cases, improve sites for desired end-uses.

Coalition members recognize that responsible development of the Marcellus Shale must acknowledge the needs and concerns of all relevant stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that all parties engaged in the development of the clean-burning natural gas of the Marcellus Shale utilize procedures and technologies that will protect and preserve vital environmental resources for generations to come.

You can read our recommended practices for restoration in full here.