Why did the industry push for Act 13 which removes local zoning authority and places a gag order on physicians?

Despite claims, Act 13 dramatically expanded transparency and further modernized the commonwealth’s robust regulatory framework. As it relates to disclosure of fracturing fluids, click here and here to review the facts. And more here from Pa. DEP:

“Act 13 provides for immediate, verbal communication of any proprietary information to emergency responders to ensure the necessary care or treatment is delivered to anyone who may have been affected. The Act states that nothing shall prevent the department, a public health official, an emergency manager or a responder to a spill, release or complaint from a person who may have been aggrieved by the spill or release from obtaining information needed upon written request.”

As you may know, Act 13 aims to provide certainty and predictability that encourages investment and job creation across the Commonwealth. Lack of uniformity has long been an Achilles’ heel for Pennsylvania and must be resolved if the Commonwealth is to remain a leader in responsible American natural gas development and reap the associated economic, environmental and national security benefits. We’d also encourage you to review these facts about this important issue.