The drill-cut mud, frack-chem, sawdust soaked in frack-chem and the crystalline silica mixed with frack-chem laying in the streets of Troy, PA is making everyone sick. Who should have to pay for the medical costs caused by this environmental epidemic?

Regulations are in place to ensure that whoever is responsible for incidents like what you’re describing is held responsible. That being said, we have yet to hear of any case such as this that is linked to the safe, time-tested and tightly regulated process of hydraulic fracturing. Additionally, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has said: “To my knowledge, I still have not seen any evidence of fracking per se contaminating groundwater.”

Our Guiding Principles are anchored in our industry’s commitment to protecting our environment, in addition to the host of state and federal regulations that govern natural gas development. Our operators work to ensure a clean environment for future generations.