How come you don’t hire local residents in the areas where you drill? I’ve seen the places you drill and they’re usually poor economic areas. It would help the local economy.

In line with our Guiding Principles, the MSC works to attract and retain a talented local workforce: the development of clean-burning, reliable, and abundant natural gas resources that will improve our energy security and national security for generations to come. Indeed, safe shale development is providing new opportunities for family-sustaining employment in a variety of fields impacted by the natural gas industry.

And MSC member companies are filling these positions with a local workforce—men and women who are putting their skills to use in the communities they call home. Nowhere is this local workforce more evident than in Pennsylvania, the heart of the Marcellus region. Click here to learn more about these efforts. And for those interested in natural gas-related careers, please visit the MSC’s online Job Portal.