What education is needed to understand that hydraulic fracturing is safe?

Each day, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) and our member companies are engaging communities across the commonwealth and region to help inform all stakeholders about the natural gas development and hydraulic fracturing process.

And while natural gas development does involve some risk (like all industrial processes), the MSC works collaboratively with federal, state and local government officials to ensure this risk is mitigated and proper regulations are in place to develop this clean-burning resource responsibly.

Following are a few fact sheets and some additional information that may be helpful on the various steps of the development process:

Hydraulic Fracturing video:  https://marcelluscoalition.org/2013/02/hydraulic-fracturing-how-it-works/

Well casing: https://marcelluscoalition.org/marcellus-shale/production-processes/casing-the-well/

Site restoration: https://marcelluscoalition.org/marcellus-shale/production-processes/well-pad-restoration/

A Regulatory Overview: https://marcelluscoalition.org/2011/10/protecting-pennsylvanias-environment-a-regulatory-overview/

Chemical Disclosure: https://marcelluscoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/msc-spirit-of-full-disclosure.pdf