What are the new technologies that are being spawned by the industry?

New technologies are researched, tested and developed on a daily basis across the natural gas industry. From emission control technologies to water management to advanced  drilling rigs, computer software and spill containment systems – processes are refined and new products are developed to further reduce the industry’s environmental footprint that also increase efficiencies.

On water management, companies are investing heavily in water reuse and recycling technologies while others are investing in treating/utilizing acid mine drainage to well completions. Another area of technological advancement is Schramm, Inc.’s new, cutting-edge T500XD Telemast drill rig. The easily movable rig was made-in-Pennsylvania aimed at lessening any environmental footprint, increasing production, and setting new standards for worker safety. It is just one example of how safe, job-creating natural gas production is an innovative industry.

Schramm’s development of this new rig further underscores the fact that the natural gas industry is dedicated to generating new advancements and pioneering new technologies towards safer, cleaner, and more effective operations.  If you have an innovative technology related to our industry, let us know.