MSC in New York Times: Methane Claims “Based on Flawed Research”

Anthony R. Ingraffea’s most recent attack on natural gas (“Gangplank to a Warm Future,” Op-Ed, July 29) is based on flawed research.

As Mr. Ingraffea hangs onto his 2011 paper’s assertions about methane controls, science has emerged and passed him by. He conveniently does not mention the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest Greenhouse Gas Inventory, released in April of this year, which confirms that natural gas production-related methane emissions have actually declined as shale production skyrocketed.

The E.P.A. revised its previous estimates of methane emissions from natural gas systems to reflect that certain emissions-reducing technologies, specifically a process known as green completions, are far more widely used than previously understood.

Our industry is driven by continuous improvement and technological advancements that further reduce the relatively minimal, short-term environmental footprint associated with safe, tightly regulated natural gas development.

On top of that, the increased use of clean-burning natural gas is proving critical in enhancing air quality in the Northeast and across the nation. Independent scientists around the world recognize these facts.

Chief Executive Officer
Marcellus Shale Coalition

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