Natural Gas Does That

New Video Highlights Myriad of Ways Natural Gas is Used Every Day

Pittsburgh, Pa. If you have ever looked at the pen you’re writing with, the liner of a swimming pool or scores of other everyday items and wondered, “What does it take to make this?” the answer very likely is, “Natural gas does that.”

Today, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC), along with The Associated Petroleum Industries of Pennsylvania, Friends of Natural Gas PA and the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association, launched a new web video that showcases how these items and countless others are made using the clean-burning, job-creating natural gas developed right here in the Commonwealth.

“It is really remarkable to look around at the items we rely on every day – from eye glasses and credit cards to clocks and medicine bottles, along with those necessities of summertime, including fishing rods, lawn chairs, and sunscreen – and realize that they are all available to us because of the work we’re doing right here in Pennsylvania to responsibly develop a resource that plays a role in the manufacturing of many goods and products,” Marcellus Shale Coalition CEO Kathryn Z. Klaber said.


Click HERE to view video.

This minute-long video is a simple and straight-forward way to learn about the path natural gas takes from a mile below our feet to the pipeline and processing plant, then into American manufacturing facilities, which use it to power their operations and produce everything from life-saving heart valves to toothpaste.

Continued Klaber, “This video will be a valuable educational tool for teachers and families everywhere. In addition to natural gas being used as a feedstock in the manufacturing process, it is also increasingly being used to build and fuel an alternative transportation infrastructure through the use of compressed and liquefied natural gas in vehicles.”

To view this video and more, visit the MSC’s YouTube page.