What about job opportunities?

With over 250,000 Pennsylvanians working in Marcellus Shale and related industries, and the vast majority of all new hires coming from Pennsylvania, there are a host of employment opportunities available to those looking for a challenging career in the natural gas industry.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) also shows that wages in the natural gas industry are significantly higher than the state average. Core industry jobs like drilling, completions and pipelining have average annual salaries of almost $90,000, over $40,000 higher than the Pennsylvania average.  Ancillary (supply chain) jobs boast annual salaries of over $65,000, over $17,000 higher than that state average.

How does one find these jobs?  The MSC’s Job Portal has a comprehensive list of job profiles, providing information on skills, education and experience required for different career paths. The site is also a one-stop-shop to access the companies currently active in the Marcellus and the jobs they have available.