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RT @ppi: In a new PPI memo, Bruce Kauffmann offers a road map for reaping the potential of natural gas vehicles. …


Interesting @TimesUnion letter: #Fracking will help boost economy #Marcellus


U.S. #NaturalGas Estimate Rises Sharply; Up 26% via @WSJ #Marcellus


#NaturalGas Reserves Estimates Soar: Potential Gas Committee via @AOLEnergy


MSC Statement on Potential Gas Committee’s Assessment; Appalachian Basin up a Staggering 147% #Marcellus #NaturalGas


RT @washtimes: Ernest Moniz, Obama’s energy secretary nominee, lauds fracking ‘revolution’


RT @aga_naturalgas: PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Domestic #NatGas Resources at Record Levels


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#NaturalGas Reserves Estimates Soar: Potential Gas Committee via @AOLEnergy #Marcellus #ShaleGas


RT @OGJOnline: PGC: US natural gas resource estimate rises 25% in 2 years #PGC #naturalgas #resources


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President Obama’s @ENERGY sec. nominee, Ernest Moniz, “Backs Natural Gas ‘Revolution’” – via @AP #Marcellus #ShaleGas


New @Deloitte study: #ShaleGas having profound impact on N. American chemical companies #Mfg cc: @AmChemistry


@SunMetro Transit fleet orders 22 Compressed Natural Gas Buses via @NGTNews #CNG #NGV


New @AEI study: #ShaleGas a “remarkably bright spot in the US economy” via @dcexaminer #Marcellus #Jobs #NatGas


RT @AEI: The USA was the second largest natural gas producer in 2011 – what are the economic benefits of fracking?


U.S. recoverable #NaturalGas estimate jumps 26% via @fuelfixblog #ShaleGas #Marcellus


RT @EEPublishing: Owner of historic Pa. farm finds compromise in shale gas deal — in #EnergyWire


RT @ftenergy: Estimate of US gas resources rises 26%


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Great @EEPublishing story about how #Marcellus #ShaleGas is preserving the historic #DennisFarm cc: @CabotOG


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MSC Statement on Potential Gas Committee’s Updated Assessment

Appalachian basin up a staggering 147% Pittsburgh, Pa. – Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) CEO Kathryn Klaber issued the following statement regarding the Potential Gas Committee’s (PGC) latest biennial assessment of the nation’s natural gas resources, which was released today: “The safe development of America’s abundant natural gas resources is paving the way for long-term, sustained […]


PGC: Appalachian basin saw largest #NatGas volumetric & percentage gains from ’10-’12; up 335 Tcf (147%) #Marcellus


PGC:“knowledge of the geological endowment of technically recoverable #natgas continues to improve w each assessment”


Potential Gas Committee: U.S. possesses a total technically recoverable resource base of 2,384 Tcf #NatGas #Marcellus


Via @ohiodotcom: Akron to get first #NaturalGas filling station open to the public #CNG #ShaleGas


#Marcellus #ShaleGas Impact Fee Revenues Reaching Every Square Inch of Pennsylvania #NaturalGas


What does #NaturalGas, snack foods and job creation have in common? A lot actually.


RT @Heritage: Energy Secretary Nominee Faces Tough Natural Gas Decision

Impact Fee Revenues Reaching Every Square Inch of Pa.

Pittsburgh, Pa. – On the heels of last week’s announcement by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) that a historic influx of revenue is flowing to counties and municipalities across the Commonwealth thanks to a new impact fee paid by natural gas producers, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) and its member companies are continuing a […]

Natural Gas Vehicles: Driving America to a More Prosperous, Secure, and Sustainable Future (Progressive Policy Institute)



[email protected] Secretary Nominee Faces Tough #NaturalGas Decision via @heritage #LNG


Interesting @fuelfixblog Column: Why The Next @ENERGY Secretary Needs to Move on #LNG Exports #NaturalGas


[email protected]_PUC Website Shows Where The $400+ Million in #Marcellus #ShaleGas Impact Money is Going, via @905wesa


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Via @HDTrucking: @ChartLNG Improves #LNG Truck Fuel System #NaturalGas

Do they drill for it?

Yes, Marcellus Shale natural gas wells are drilled and completed using highly sophisticated technologies, and all done within an aggressive regulatory framework. In Pennsylvania, more than 4,000 horizontal Marcellus Shale wells have been drilled as of October 2012, according to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). Here’s more information about the production process, specifically regarding […]

Why is there not taxing of the industry that would help the entire state in terms of revenue?

The oil and natural gas industry is taxed like every other company doing business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In fact, since 2006, these companies have paid more than $1.6 billion in state taxes, with $420 million coming in 2011 in the form of corporate income taxes, sales tax and employee withholding taxes. This was […]

Does it have anything to do with oil?

The Marcellus Shale, considered to potentially be the world’s second largest natural gas field, contains primarily natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs), such a butane, ethane and propone. Yet despite the fact that the Marcellus Shale does not necessarily contain crude oil, the regional, national and global impact of this production is remarkable. A […]

Are they going to have to drill here and tear down buildings?

MSC member companies are committed to creating strong working relationships with mineral- and land-owners, as well as the broader communities where we operate, while working toward the shared goal of making positive contributions while addressing local needs. We would also encourage you to view page 27 of this presentation, which highlights the fact that horizontal […]

Why doesn’t the Marcellus Shale Coalition work with PA Legislature to offer incentives for Business, Homes to convert to natural gas?

Our industry is very engaged with elected officials at all levels of government, including our elected officials in Harrisburg to promote the increased use of this clean-burning resource. The Marcellus Shale Coalition supports the “Marcellus Works” legislation sponsored by State Representative Stan Saylor which is designed to further utilize natural gas as a transportation fuel. […]

Are there any unsolvable technical problems?

The tightly-regulated development of clean-burning American natural gas is without question an industrial process. And like nearly all industrial activities, there is some risk. But natural gas producers and government officials continue to work collaboratively to ensure this risk is mitigated at every step of the process. By leveraging new, more efficient technologies and putting […]

If fracking is so safe, why has Gov. McCrory of NC vetoed legislation to lift a ban on it, not once but twice?

We certainly can’t speak for former Governor McCrory, but we can offer a look at her public statements. Earlier this year, the governor indicated that she supports hydraulic fracturing, and “energy policies that create jobs and lower costs for businesses and families.” However, hydraulic fracturing is new to North Carolina, and she requested that regulations […]


Interesting @NMenonRao @WSJ op-ed: #LNG exports will “help create thousands of #jobs and an expanded revenue stream”


RT @abc27News: Corbett: Impact fee proceeds reach $400M: Governor Tom Corbett announced Thursday that the Marcellus Shale Imp… http:// …


RT @LVB_com: Pa. getting $400M from Marcellus Shale fees:


Via @FinancialTimes: #ShaleGas will power U.S. economy #Marcellus


#MarcellusShale having a “tremendous economic impact not only in the shale counties but statewide,” says @RepBloom


#Bipartisan support for safe, job-creating #NaturalGas production broadens, via @washtimes