MSC Statement on Potential Gas Committee’s Updated Assessment

Appalachian basin up a staggering 147%

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) CEO Kathryn Klaber issued the following statement regarding the Potential Gas Committee’s (PGC) latest biennial assessment of the nation’s natural gas resources, which was released today:

“The safe development of America’s abundant natural gas resources is paving the way for long-term, sustained economic growth, carrying with it a host of important environmental benefits

“This new information underscores the significant natural gas assessment growth that continues to be proven across the Appalachian basin, as our member companies are responsibly producing shale gas, creating local jobs, and by doing so, are improving air quality, lowering consumer energy costs and paving the way for a manufacturing rebirth

“This assessment further demonstrates that the United States, led by the Marcellus, is well-positioned to be a global energy leader for literally decades to come.”

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Key Report Excerpt: As a result of a substantial increase in the assessment of Appalachian basin shale gas, the PGC now ranks the Atlantic area as the country’s richest resource area with 33% of total U.S. … Changes in the total assessment from 2010 to 2012 arose primarily from analyses of recent drilling, well-test and production data from these three regions. The largest volumetric and percentage gains were reported for Appalachian basin shales (primarily the Marcellus but including other Devonian shales and the Utica), which collectively rose by 335 Tcf (147%).