How does it impact this region?

Here in Pennsylvania, the oil and natural gas industry is demonstrating that clean-burning natural gas development is not a choice between safeguarding our environment or growing our economy. We can, and must, achieve both of these shared goals. And through the modernization and enhancement of state regulations, along with our Recommended Practices and other industry-leading technologies, the natural gas industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship remains steadfast.

And while natural gas development is not occurring in Greater Philadelphia, the region is nonetheless benefitting through supply chain job creation, especially at the refineries, more affordable energy costs, enhanced air quality as well as millions of dollars in impact fee and related tax revenues. In fact, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) recently announced 2012 impact fee revenues, with tens of millions of natural gas-related dollars flowing to counties and municipalities across the Commonwealth, including southeastern Pennsylvania. Read more here and here.