When will cars be able to use it?

This is one of our most popular questions. The option of alternatively powered vehicles through natural gas is a good one. Some companies, such as UPS, Waste Management and AT&T are already converting their fleets to take advantage of the low-cost, cleaner fuel to power their trucks, cars, buses, and vans. Not only does this make economic sense when we see price cuts of up to 40%, but converting these vehicles also improves air quality through emission reductions. Public transportation authorities, such as CATA in central Pennsylvania and some school districts, like Lower Merion just outside Philadelphia, are also powering their bus fleets with natural gas.

Some carmakers  are also manufacturing natural gas-powered vehicles. Dodge has a CNG variation to their Ram pickup truck with Honda offering a CNG Civic. Consumers can also retrofit their current vehicle to run on CNG. As for fueling stations, the Department of Energy has a website that lists CNG fueling stations across the United States. Click HERE to locate the nearest station.