Is there a way to save and even expand jobs here through the Marcus Hook refinery, for example? What is going on with Sunoco and Carlyle?

There absolutely is a way to save these critical jobs and create even more employment opportunities across southeastern Pennsylvania’s refinery and processing industry. MSC president Kathryn Klaber, in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer column, writes this about this positive progress underway:

Philadelphia’s refinery sites are experiencing new life that few could have predicted just a few years ago – buoyed by abundant supplies of natural gas, a fundamental building block for a strong manufacturing sector. Energy Transfer Partner’s acquisition of Sunoco and the Carlyle Group’s Sunoco investment are proof of the undeniably positive impact that shale-gas development continues to have on greater Philadelphia’s economy. Thousands of jobs will be saved. The prospects for leveraging Marcellus Shale natural gas are indeed promising for Sunoco’s Marcus Hook refinery, especially in light of this week’s announcement, and may well be a lifeline for hundreds of jobs. Despite the current economic difficulties, the long-term regional outlook is shifting – for the better.

For more information about the positive economic impact safe Marcellus Shale development is having on the region’s refining industry, which is helping to save hundreds of jobs, click here, here and here.