Are there local jobs being created?

Absolutely. The safe development of clean-burning American natural gas from the Marcellus Shale continues to be a powerful job-creating engine. And while there is no current Marcellus Shale production in southeastern Pennsylvania, and therefore not actual drilling jobs in the region, the growing and robust supply chain that supports well site and midstream activities is having a major impact across the entire Commonwealth. In fact, according to a recent Pa. Department of Labor and Industry analysis, the natural gas industry is responsible for 150,616 new hires from 4Q’09 – 2Q’12.

Lower, more affordable natural gas costs – a function of expanded domestic shale gas production – is helping to revitalize our region’s and the nation’s manufacturing base. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) experts, “by 2025, shale gas could add more than 1 million workers to the US manufacturing industry and allow US manufacturers to lower their raw materials and energy costs by as much as $11.6 billion annually.”

In southeastern Pennsylvania, many of these critical manufacturing jobs – especially at the refineries – are being saved due to safe Marcellus Shale development. MSC president Kathryn Klaber underscored this positive economic impact in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Consumers are clear winners of responsible shale gas development, and so too is our region’s manufacturing base. Philadelphia’s refinery sites are experiencing new life that few could have predicted just a few years ago – buoyed by abundant supplies of natural gas, a fundamental building block for a strong manufacturing sector. Energy Transfer Partner’s acquisition of Sunoco and the Carlyle Group’s Sunoco investment are proof of the undeniably positive impact that shale-gas development continues to have on greater Philadelphia’s economy. Thousands of jobs will be saved. The prospects for leveraging Marcellus Shale natural gas are indeed promising for Sunoco’s Marcus Hook refinery, especially in light of this week’s announcement, and may well be a lifeline for hundreds of jobs.

And in line with our Guiding Principleto attract and retain a talented and engaged local workforce,” the MSC released a Recommended Practices aimed at bolstering the region’s supply chain. The document – available online here – builds upon and formalizes ongoing MSC efforts focused on expanding small- and medium-sized business opportunities related to safe American natural gas development. This overview demonstrate the natural gas industry’s far-reaching and positive economic impact, highlighting local business success stories from across the Commonwealth.

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