New Study Outlines Options to Give “Economic Second Life” to Marcus Hook Refinery Site

Marcellus Shale May Play Key Role in Refinery’s Future, According to IHS Experts

Marcus Hook, Pa. – Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) president Kathryn Klaber joined a host of local, state, and federal government representatives, as well as residents and regional economic development and organized labor officials, today for the roll out of a new IHS study – commissioned by the Delaware County Industrial Development Authority – focused on solutions aimed at sustaining the Marcus Hook refinery site, and the hundreds of jobs the facility can support. IHS notes that “The East Coast is advantaged in that it lays adjacent to the Marcellus shale development.”

“This new study underscores the positive potential economic impact associated with safe, responsible natural gas development,” said Klaber. “Delaware County has the infrastructure and talented workforce to keep the Marcus Hook facility operational, which is critical to the region’s economy and to the Commonwealth. Responsible natural gas development from the Marcellus Shale would play an important role in achieving this shared goal.”

Added Klaber: “As the IHS study indicates, Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to further leverage the Marcellus Shale’s abundant resources to bolster our manufacturing base across the region. This is yet one more way that the development of Pennsylvania’s natural resources are benefiting the Commonwealth and our nation.”

According to its release, IHS put forth seven potential reuse options for the Marcus Hook facility: 1) Natural gas liquids processing and fractionation facility; 2) Gas-to-liquids production and storage facility; 3) Liquid natural gas liquefaction and export terminal; 4) Refined petroleum products import terminal; 5) Natural gas driven power generation; 6) Ethane cracking and derivatives; and 7) Propane dehydrogenation.

Commenting on these findings, Brendan O’Neil, managing director for IHS Consulting, said, “We identified several possible reuse options for the Marcus Hook facility, and what is interesting is that most of these opportunities are possible only as a result of the recent, phenomenal growth of the U.S. shale oil and gas plays. Without these plays, the options available to Marcus Hook would be more limited, and if pursued, could potentially provide an economic ‘second life’ to the complex, which has been a part of the Delaware County community since 1902.”

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NOTE: CBS Philly reports: “Delco Officials Think Sunoco Refinery’s Future Is In Marcellus Shale”