Welcome to MarcellusCoalition.org 3.0

Welcome to the new and improved online home of the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC).

Over the past few months we’ve been working to improve this website with a few goals in mind: making it more user friendly, optimizing the search function, and adding a few new components that our members felt would be beneficial in furthering the natural gas discussion – with you, the visitor, in mind.

As you click around on this new site, you’re bound to find something new, like this blog, or the new and improved jobs portal (the most visited MarcellusCoalition.org page), while also easily locating content, studies, press releases, fact sheets, and just about anything else from years past.

This blog will provide a platform for MSC members, staff, and other stakeholders to comment on various topics such as legislation, regulations, and news articles, while highlighting new technologies and in-depth analyses on issues of importance. It will also be a place our policy, communications and community outreach teams will keep you updated on their daily travels and interaction with everyone from policymakers, the press, and most importantly, the public.

I also want to briefly highlight some of the subtle, but cutting edge technology we have implemented into this site. If you notice, as you scroll down the page, the main navigation bar remains at the top of your browser. While small, this makes the user experience that much easier. Also, on the home page, there is a social media and news feed that allows for easy access to the most recent information posted on the site. And of course, we have call-out boxes on each page for a few of our priority projects for the year: Marcellus on Main Street, SHALE GAS INSIGHT 2012, and our content-rich recommended practices.

One last note. While we think we have all the kinks worked out, technology sometimes has a mind of its own. So bear with us over these next few days as we work through a few bumps here and there as we get this new site up and running, and be sure to check back often, as we plan to have a very active blog component moving forward.

Take care and thanks again for stopping by.


Kathryn Z. Klaber
Marcellus Shale Coalition