New Poll: 83 Percent of Americans Agree That Natural Gas Development Stimulates Job Growth

Canonsburg, Pa. – An overwhelming majority of Americans – 83 percent – agree that the safe and responsible development of clean-burning American natural gas can create jobs and stimulate economic growth, according to a new Deloitte LLP poll released today. At the same time, according to the new data, “79 percent believe the development of natural gas resources can help revitalize the economies of the states and communities where shale gas is located.”

“The tremendous economic impact tied directly to the responsible development of domestic natural gas is as undeniable as the broad-based support it has from the American people. This new data, along with the tens of thousands of good-paying jobs we are creating at a time when jobs are most needed, further cements the reality that America’s natural gas industry is and will continue to be a leading economic driver for our nation,“ said Kathryn Klaber, president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition.

“We also recognize and take very seriously, as indicated in the survey, our industry’s responsibility to more effectively communicate our best practices and unwavering commitment to protect our environment in the communities where we operate,” Klaber added.

Key Survey Findings

  • Nearly 60 percent believe the benefits [of shale gas development] outweigh the risks;
  • A clear majority of respondents (58 percent) in areas where shale development is underway or planned would recommend that their family and friends lease their land to a shale gas developer;
  • The survey also indicates that shale gas could play an increasingly important role in making America more energy independent;
  • Nearly 90 percent think it is at least “somewhat believable” to claim that “using natural gas resources to generate electricity can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.”

According to Deloitte, “The survey consisted of 1,694 online interviews conducted in November 2011 with adults age 21 to 74 and examined three different audience segments: residents of areas where shale gas development is an established phenomenon, specifically Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas (537 respondents); residents of areas where shale is a newer phenomenon, specifically New York (89 respondents in New York City and 162 in western New York State) and Pennsylvania (243 respondents); and finally, the survey canvassed an additional 663 respondents in the United States nationally.”