MSC Statement on PA House Finance Committee Action on Marcellus Shale Legislation

Canonsburg, PA – Marcellus Shale Coalition President Kathryn Z. Klaber today commended members of the Pennsylvania House Finance Committee for its passage of H.B. 1950, legislation to enhance statewide environmental protections related to the safe production of clean-burning natural gas in the Commonwealth. The legislation closely tracks many key recommendations made to Gov. Tom Corbett by his Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission earlier this year. Klaber issued the following statement:

“Today’s action brings the Commonwealth one step closer to a comprehensive and uniform set of statewide environmental and safety standards. The establishment of a predictable framework of heightened health, safety, and environmental protections will benefit all Pennsylvanians, particularly those residing in nearly half of the Commonwealth’s communities in the Marcellus fairway without formal zoning rules.

“Importantly, H.B. 1950 provides certainty on a number of issues valued by the men and women supporting their families through work in the natural gas industry. This includes the establishment of uniform standards providing for the safe production of natural gas throughout the Commonwealth; environmental enhancements that protect our air, water, and land while continuing historic job creation and economic growth; and the establishment of an impact fee structure that keeps the Commonwealth engaged in healthy competition for capital with other states and regions.

“Today’s vote is a key step in an ongoing legislative process, and we look forward to continued discussions with the Governor, Senate leaders, and a variety of stakeholders to further refine these proposals to ensure we maximize the economic, environmental, and energy security benefits of clean-burning natural gas for all Pennsylvanians.”

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