MSC President Kathryn Klaber on Fox Business: “Shale Gas Has Changed the Game”

Canonsburg, Pa. – Today, Marcellus Shale Coalition president and executive director Kathryn Klaber appeared on Fox Business’ “After the Bell” where she discussed responsible American natural gas development, the tens of thousands of jobs our industry is creating, and the proactive, common sense efforts the MSC continues to take to ensure we get this historic opportunity right. On the show, Klaber reinforced that fact that “there’s no doubt that shale gas has changed the game” for America’s energy outlook.

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Key excerpts from Kathryn Klaber’s interview:

  • “It is important to recognize that states have regulated the oil and gas industry for decades. Pennsylvania has modernized many of the rules it had on the books for a long time to reflect the new technologies, to reflect the best practices. It’s important that the states retain that kind of control and that EPA not duplicate what is being done very well by the states.”
  • “Energy policy needs to be broad-based, but there is to doubt that shale gas really changed the game, in terms of the ability for consumers, for businesses, for the chemical industry, for the transportation industry, to look at a fuel developed domestically – right here on our own soil – that can play a ever-increasing role how this country uses energy, clean-burning energy.”
  • “When President Obama was [in Pittsburgh] several weeks ago, looking for jobs, the real place to look is right under our feet here in the Marcellus region, where that resource is creating the jobs that we need very much in this country right now.”

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