The Sound and the Fury

MSC releases audio from this week’s supply chain event in Mon Valley co-hosted with U. S. Steel

Earlier this week, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) joined local elected officials and leaders from the steel, trucking and manufacturing sectors to discuss the positive and growing impact that responsible shale gas development is having on the economic fortunes of the Commonwealth. The forum, held at U. S. Steel’s Mon Valley Works training center in Duquesne, highlighted the extensive supply-chain network involved in finding, producing and delivering clean-burning Marcellus natural gas to area consumers – a compounding phenomenon of job creation known as the “Marcellus Multiplier.”

What follows are links to several audio files that came from the event this week:

Kathryn Klaber, president and executive director, Marcellus Shale Coalition:

“I think the one thing that gets me most excited is what we’re here to talk about today, which is the supply chain — and the fact that there are business relationships that are being made here today, right in front of our eyes, that are going to create how Pennsylvania, and in particular an area like the Mon Valley, can really play a part in this state and national phenomenon.”

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Sen. Jay Costa (D-Forest Hills):

“We are at the beginning stages of this process, there’s no question about that. And I think it’s important that we all recognize as we go forward that we have to have as balanced an approach as possible … We cannot have regulations that are burdensome and onerous to the industry, we cannot have taxes that discourage folks from wanting to come here and make investments. That’s critical that we not do that.”

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Rep. Mark Gergely (D-Allegheny):

“We know that as this continues to develop … we’re not going to see the Texas employees anymore; we’re going to see the Pennsylvania employees. We’re going to see those who are going to be trained by those who want to go back home and live in Texas and Oklahoma – and they’re going to be our folks. And there’s going to be job growth. There’s going to be sustainable job growth. And it’s going to be immense.”

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Rich Fitzgerald, president of Allegheny County Council:

“You know, in politics we use clichés a lot. And one of the clichés you hear a lot in politics is ‘game-changer.’ Is the Marcellus Shale a ‘game-changer’? And I would say ‘no.’ I would say the Marcellus Shale is the game-changer for this region.”

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Jim Scott, Chief Oil & Gas:

“This pipe order for 50 miles – we’re only expecting that to carry us through for six more months. … And of course, we continue to hire people locally … We’re looking for people every day to operate these facilities and help us manage them long term; they’re going to be around for a lot of years, and certainly we want to have a good, positive impact on the community.”

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Chris Masciantonio, general manager of governmental affairs, U. S. Steel:

“We’re going to have a pretty important discussion today on the Marcellus Shale, specifically on a topic that you probably haven’t seen or heard much about in the media, but very important to a number of the individuals in this room, and that’s the supply chain; specifically, the supply chain in Pennsylvania business and industry.”

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Lisa Roudabush, general manager of processed products, U. S. Steel:

“I would like to say, on behalf of the 3,000 employees who work at the Mon Valley, that the amount of steel that will be required for this emerging gas industry in Pennsylvania is certainly welcome news. And we look forward to providing a quality product for the natural gas supply chain in support of the Marcellus Shale development.”

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Doug Matthews, vice president of tubular, U. S. Steel:

“The Marcellus Shale presents a great opportunity for the United States Steel Corporation, and really, small and big businesses throughout the region, and specifically in the heart of Pennsylvania. … Our goal is to make certain that Pennsylvania is provided a safe and reliable supply chain so that this valuable natural resource can be explored, acquired and distributed in a manner that is environmentally responsible and provides economic opportunities for Pennsylvania’s workforce.”

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Jason Norris, Dura-Bond:

“Barring any market or legislative restrictions on hydraulic fracturing or [efforts] to curb the Marcellus activity, we hope by this time next year to have another facility up and running that will employ an additional 55 or 65 people.”

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Joe Vargo, PGT Trucking:

“We have already in the transportation industry seen a pickup in business related to the Marcellus Shale. And with the projections, and I see them here today again – 2,000-plus wells that will be new and operational each year, transportation of the pipe, drill heads, rigging, and other equipment supplies, not just for flatbed trucking, but for all phases of the trucking industry, is going to be a phenomenal thing.”

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