MSC Reinforces Commitment to Crafting Commonsense Energy Policies Alongside State Leaders

CANONSBURG, Pa. – Today, Kathryn Klaber – president and executive director of the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) – issued the following statement regarding the group’s ongoing and unwavering commitment to working with leaders in Harrisburg to craft commonsense policies aimed at responsibly leveraging the Commonwealth’s clean-burning natural gas reserves into economic opportunity, job creation and energy security:

“As the General Assembly moves further into its legislative session, the MSC remains an active and  engaged participant in crafting commonsense solutions that will ensure that the significant economic benefits and job creation potentials associated with environmentally responsible shale gas development are realized.

“As of today, all of the horizontal Marcellus rigs in the Commonwealth are being operated by MSC members. We are proud of the work we have accomplished, and are eager to achieve even more for Pennsylvania’s economy, its small businesses and manufacturers, its families and seniors, and its workforce. Pennsylvania, in fact, is uniquely positioned to establish itself once again as a world leader in energy production.

“And, as I stated in a letter earlier this month, the MSC strongly believes that the General Assembly will play a critical role in ensuring this important work continues, maximizing responsible development in a way that extends the promise and potential of the Marcellus to all Pennsylvanians. Efforts to update and modernize the laws to reflect these priorities, along with our shared commitment to keeping Pennsylvania competitive, will put us in the best position to deliver on that promise moving forward.”