Top State Environmental Agencies Report Clean Air, Pristine Waters in Shale Development Areas

Studies released this week from Pennsylvania’s top two environmental regulatory agencies continue to confirm that responsible natural gas development and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. As the Associated Press reported Wednesday, a recent Department of Conservation and Natural Resources report concluded natural gas development in and under state forests has had no impact on the quality […]

Report: Pa. Taxpayer-Owned Shale Development “Carefully Managed”

Released yesterday, the Pa. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ (DCNR) first ever Shale-Gas Monitoring Report underscores the fact that the safe, aggressively-regulated development of taxpayer-owned shale gas resources in the Commonwealth is generating huge amounts of much-needed revenue – $582.3 million through 2012 – and is being carried out in an environmentally efficient way. […]