Potential Economic & Fiscal Impacts of Natural Gas Production in Western Maryland (MD Petroleum Council)

MSC Statement for Congressional Record; U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources Hearing

MSC 2011 Annual Report: Energy to Fuel Our Future

Fact-Based Regulation for Environmental Protection in Shale Gas Development (University of Texas)

Natural gas produced from shale formations, commonly referred to as “shale gas”, has become increasingly important in the energy supply picture for US and worldwide. Obtaining natural gas from shale units was until recently not considered economically feasible because of low permeability of shales. Economic utilization has been made possible by application and refinement of […]

Shale Gas: New Opportunities, New Challenges (Bipartisan Policy Center)

The outlook for North America’s natural gas supply has improved dramatically in recent years as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies have made it possible to commercially develop tight and shale gas reserves.

Shale Gas: A renaissance in US manufacturing? (PWC)

The economic environment remains difficult for many US manufacturers, with soft demand and margin pressures making it harder to grow their domestic workforces. In this analysis, we present our point of view on how shale gas resources can help the sector address these challenges and create more jobs in the United States.

The Economic and Employment Contributions of Shale Gas in the United States (IHS Global)

This study presents the economic contribution of the shale gas industry – today and in the future. It does so in terms of jobs, economic value, and government revenues. The research demonstrates how the development of new sources of natural gas from shale formations has changed the US energy outlook and the economy. In 2010, […]

Marcellus Shale Coalition Remarks Before the U.S. EPA

Remarks of the Marcellus Shale Coalition Before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regarding Proposed Rules for the Oil and Natural Gas Sector: New Source Performance Standards and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants Reviews

The Economic Impact of the Value Chain of a Marcellus Shale Well (University of Pittsburgh)

The Economic Impact of the Value Chain of a Marcellus Shale Well Site examines the direct economic impact of a Marcellus Shale well located in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Statewide Marcellus Shale Workforce Needs Assessment

The Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Workforce Needs Assessment is intended to supply baseline data to provide individuals, job seekers, communities, businesses, workforce and economic development professionals, and government officials at all levels with the ability to estimate the direct workforce requirements for Marcellus Shale development. Specifically, the assessment can help outline the key occupations associated with […]