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RT @NoNewEnergyTax: [email protected] to receive more than $260

RT @NoNewEnergyTax: [email protected] to receive more than $260,000 in #impactax revenue, will help fund Greenways Program…

[email protected]’s revolutionary “green cruising” design

[email protected]’s revolutionary “green cruising” design first-ever cruise ships powered at sea by clean-burning #LNG

Harvard Study: Shale the “Single Largest Opportunity to Improve Trajectory of U.S. Economy”

A new Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group  report, titled America’s Unconventional Energy Opportunity, examines the “unprecedented, once-in-a-generation opportunity” that the U.S. energy revolution is delivering to all Americans. According to the Harvard experts’ analysis, in 2014 American energy development contributed $430 billion to U.S. GDP; supported 2.7 million jobs; saved of the average […]

Natural Gas Impact Taxes Generate $223.5M for Pa. Communities, State Programs

All of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties will receive a portion of the $223.5 million generated in 2014 from the state’s natural gas impact tax, according to the state Public Utilities Commission (PUC) [NOTE: Click here to view county + municipality totals]. And since 2012, safe shale development has generated a total of more than $850 million […]

America’s Unconventional Energy Opportunity (Harvard Business School)

Newspaper Editorials Across America Tout EPA’s Fact-Based Findings

Newspaper editorials across the nation are touting the Environmental Protection Agency’s hydraulic fracturing findings. Specifically, EPA’s landmark report concludes that tightly-regulated shale development and the use of hydraulic fracturing is “a workable and safe process” that “has not led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources.” EPA’s fact-based findings add to the growing body […]

Fact-Checking Gov. Wolf’s Energy Tax Claims

MSC in Philadelphia Inquirer: Wolf’s Energy Tax is Nation’s Highest

Several critical facts were glaringly absent from the pitch for higher energy taxes by the governor’s policy director (“Gas tax needed,” June 4). There was no mention that Gov. Wolf’s massive energy tax represents the nation’s highest, according to the state’s nonpartisan Independent Fiscal Office. Further, both Wolf and the fiscal office have acknowledged that […]

EPA Study Reaffirms Hydraulic Fracturing’s Safety

Exhaustive EPA Study Reaffirms Hydraulic Fracturing’s Clear Safety Record

[View the story “News Organizations Coast to Coast Tout Fact-Based Findings” on Storify]