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What They’re Saying: Shale a “Huge Advantage for our Region”

America’s abundant shale resources are increasingly being leveraged to power our transportation needs and as also boosting our nation’s manufacturing base. At the same time, this tightly-regulated development is spurring small business job growth and dramatically strengthening U.S. energy security all while bolstering air quality. Here is what regional and national outlets are saying about […]

New National Report Highlights Shale’s “Incredible Impact” on American Manufacturing

New supplies of clean and affordable domestic natural gas are driving an American manufacturing revolution, according to the new study commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM). Like similar studies, this new report details the overwhelmingly positive impact natural gas has had – and is having – on our nation’s manufacturing sector, job growth […]

Impact of the Manufacturing Renaissance from Energy Intensive Sectors (IHS)

Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) Study Overview

Shale development is dramatically bolstering our economy and nation’s security, and providing consumers with affordable, clean-burning energy. More taxes would jeopardize these shared, broad-based benefits. Let’s avoid a race-to-the-bottom and continue to get this generational opportunity right – now and for years to come. KEY POINTS: A Flawed Analysis that Provides No New, Meaningful Information […]

Shale Advocates Launch Grassroots Initiative

Nearly 700 shale industry supporters turned out last night in Wilkes-Barre for the launch of United Shale Advocates (USA), a new grassroots initiative focused on ensuring that we advance common sense, predictable policies that encourage investment and job growth across the Commonwealth. While Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support the safe and tightly regulated development of job-creating shale, […]

MSC in Cranberry Eagle: Shale an “Economic Game Changer” for our Region

Regional shale gas development and the major impacts it has made globally in just a short amount of time dominated the discussion Thursday during Energy Symposium 2014 at Butler County Community College. About 70 residents, municipal officials and business representatives spent the morning in Founders Hall listening and learning from a handful of experts, including […]

North America Midstream Infrastructure through 2035: Capitalizing on Our Energy Abundance (ICF International)


Shale Creating American Manufacturing Jobs, Bolstering U.S. Security

Safe, tightly-regulated shale development is creating broad-based benefits that are cascading across Pennsylvania and beyond. At the same time, American shale production is strengthening our environment and our nation’s standing the global marketplace. Driven by operational efficiencies, onshore U.S. shale production continues to soar – with the Marcellus at the head of the pack. Here’s […]

Soaring Marcellus Production Creating Long-Term, Regional Benefits

As responsible Marcellus Shale production continues to soar, so do the long-term, local benefits and investments that come with it. These huge strides in American shale production — which are “driven by drilling efficiency,” according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) — are strengthening our nation’s energy security and boosting our economy. But just […]

American Natural Gas Can Support Our Global Allies

As Russia’s ongoing aggression in the Ukraine continues to play out, academics, foreign policy experts and a chorus of bipartisan lawmakers are reaffirming the case that common sense American natural gas export polices can support our national security and economic goals while boosting aid to key allies around the world, especially those deeply dependent on […]