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Is this a real issue?

Absolutely. As world-renowned energy expert Daniel Yergin recently told Congress, shale development is “the most important energy innovation so far of the 21st century.” We couldn’t agree more. And according to Penn State University exports, “the Marcellus Shale ranks second only to a natural gas field in Iran.” Further, America’s abundant, clean-burning shale gas resources […]

What happens if breaks? I would like to know more about it.

Our guess is here that you are referring to a natural gas well malfunctioning or “breaking.” Each Marcellus well in Pennsylvania is built in accordance with state regulations that require operators to construct wells with at least four layers of steel and cement. After a string of pipe is set and cemented in place, the […]

What is the impact on the farming communities / livestock?

As MSC CEO Kathryn Klaber has said, “The agriculture community is a key partner in the responsible development of clean-burning natural gas.” Klaber added, following the 97th annual Pennsylvania Farm Show this year, “Our industry is grateful for and proud of the strong, working relationships that we continue to build across the agriculture community. This […]

Can you guarantee that you will not destroy the drinking water? I’m 40 miles south of Philly, so my water will be affected, too.

Protecting our environment, especially our water resources, is a top industry priority. You should know that Pennsylvania, according to former Gov. Ed Rendell, has “the strongest enforcement program of any state with gas drilling. Period.” He’s absolutely right. And top officials from across the nation, including President Obama’s former EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, have confirmed […]

How many lives have you destroyed today?

Our industry’s commitment to enhancing our region and protecting the safety of our workers and communities where we operate is unwavering. Our approximately 300 member companies live by the following Guiding Principles each day: We provide the safest possible workplace for our employees, with our contractors, and in the communities in which we operate; We […]

How does it impact this region?

Here in Pennsylvania, the oil and natural gas industry is demonstrating that clean-burning natural gas development is not a choice between safeguarding our environment or growing our economy. We can, and must, achieve both of these shared goals. And through the modernization and enhancement of state regulations, along with our Recommended Practices and other industry-leading […]

Natural Gas Facts, Science Continue to Prevail

As more science-based natural gas research is brought forth – ranging from air and water quality to public health – it’s becoming increasingly clear that safe, tightly-regulated shale development is enhancing our environment as well as our economy. This week, in fact, new Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) research once again determines that natural […]


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