Marcellus Shale Coalition Technology Showcase a Success

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The Marcellus Shale Coalition’s (MSC) SHALE GAS INSIGHT™ 2012 Conference was held on September 20-21, in Philadelphia, PA. The MSC, through its Research Collaborative Committee and assisted by the Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation and Commercialization Center, convened a Technology Showcase on September 19, which was among a slate of pre-conference activities.

Before an audience of more than 100 attendees, in a format similar to that of a venture capital fair, the 12 selected vendors delivered an 8-minute presentation followed by a 2-minute Q&A session. The presenters were provided the opportunity to discuss their respective technologies in greater detail with Showcase attendees immediately after the conclusion of all presentations.

They were also provided exhibit space at the conference’s networking reception on September 20. Many of the presenters established numerous connections with potential partners from major industries. One industry attendee stated that the Showcase displayed a good variety of technologies, four to six of which would be applicable to their current operations.

The presenters were:

  • Advanced-Tec Materials – Francisco Torres-Aranda, Jr., President
  • Altela, Inc. – Matthew Bruff, Chief Development Officer
  • ARCADIS-U.S., Inc. – Mark Modrak, Certified Project Manager
  • Capstone Turbine Distributor/E-Finity Distributed Generation  – Jerry Todd, Senior Sales Engineer, Oil and Gas Division
  • Eagle One Green Solution, LLC  – Daniel Trantham, Vice President – Research & Development
  • Epiphany Solar Water Systems  – Ron Pettengill, Executive Vice President – Oil, Gas, Coal Group
  • HydroConfidence, Inc. – Dan Hussain, Chief Executive Officer
  • New Logic Research, Inc. – Mark Galimberti, Sales Engineer
  • Pioneer Energy Products, LLC (DBA PEPRO, LLC) – Jeffrey Kayle, Sales Manager
  • Produced Water Absorbents, Inc. –  Gregory Hallahan, Utica Shale Project Management and Development
  • TM Filtration – Ed Barthelmes, Sales and Marketing Manager
  • U.S. Seismic Systems, Inc. – Jim Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer

MSC president, Kathryn Klaber noted that, “The coalition is very pleased with the success of this inaugural event, underscoring the innovation and technological advances of one of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge industries in the world.”

The presentations of each vendor will soon be available on the SHALE GAS INSIGHT website,